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Permit Requirement Determination Form

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  2. If you do not wish to provide your email address enter "none" or "n/a."
  3. Proposed Project/Construction: Please be specific. The more information provided the sooner a determination can be made. If additional space is required, please attach another sheet of paper. Examples of projects might include replacing sheetrock, siding or re-roofing; painting the exterior; constructing a patio, deck or gazebo; installing a driveway approach (portion of driveway in street right-of-way), moving an interior wall; replacing carpet; replacing water heater or air conditioning unit; building a retaining wall for landscaping (include wall height) or adding parking area. This is not an all-inclusive list, so any project especially those that are more than interior cosmetic improvement should be reviewed. Please include a sketch of the project if possible.
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