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Martindale Parks - Applications

  1. Martindale Annual Park Pass - Resident Application

    To obtain an annual free parking pass (2 max), Martindale residents must complete the following form or visit Martindale City Hall... More…

Permit Forms

  1. Certificate of Appropriateness Application

    This form is required for proposed construction or renovation in the Martindale Historic District to ensure compatibility with its... More…

  1. Permit Requirement Determination Form

    This form is the first step in both the residential and commercial building process.

Request Forms

  1. Application for Deferred Payment Plan

    In accordance with the City of Martindale Code of Ordinances Chapter 50, Sewer/Wastewater Provisions, and Chapter 51, Solid Waste and... More…

  2. Report an Issue

    Use this form to submit an issue or concern in the city

  1. Public Information Request

    Use this form to request public information that is not already available on the City's website.

  2. Volunteer Interest Application for City Boards/Commissions